It has been four years since I started the show and I am still going. I have no intentions for this to be a swan song. New stories are abound! BARELY INTRO: Dale and Julie from the Badgercast Tech support Superglue I wait I am the teacher now Shoe police Thanks for downloading. Important links [...]
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Four years ago today, I finally took the advise of three podcasters (all three of whom have podfaded) and got myself an iRiver at the Circuit City (which is also now out of business) that was near my work. I ordered it online and picked it up over my lunch break. Driving around, I recorded [...]
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It is time for another Barely Podcasting. I am trying to get on to the every other week schedule, and hey, it is working! I forgot to mention a big event, I guess you will have to wait until next time to hear that. BARELY INTRO: Shelly from Shelly's Podcast Slow My Button Being a [...]
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A dork, geek, former party guy, and a father telling all about life from his demented perspective.

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