>>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] source login information: ENCRYPTED > message begins the post you are now reading is designed to dull your senses to THE TRUTH. do not live the life of the worker bee, the cog, the well-oiled piston in the MACHINE OF DECEIT! there [...]
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Barely Podcasting has been hijacked my Kilroy 2.0! Learn more at http://jchutchins.net
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Barely Podcasting 131 is in the wild! I will have another episode coming out next week, and this is me getting on the twice a month schedule again. BARELY INTRO: JC Hutchins of 7th Son (Print Release October 27, 2009, go buy many copies) Fishing Fish in a barrel In the line Cruises A note [...]
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I am back after an unexpected delay. Things are good and I am here with episode 130! BARELY INTRO: My Daughter Learning lessons Breast Feeding Nice classroom Lying and telling the truth What shirt Thanks for downloading and I will see you soon. Email: Barely@BarelyPodcasting.com Web: BarelyPodcasting.com Voice Mail: (206) 984-3675
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A dork, geek, former party guy, and a father telling all about life from his demented perspective.

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