My car is haunted Saying goodbye to a good companion What was that guy doing? My desk is the floor locker VOTE FOR ME!!!!! Toxic Butts! Barely In Japan: Street Food I Wanna Rock! I review Mostly News Music on this episode is A Good Night for My Drinking by the Supersuckers. Thanks for downloading [...]
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This is a special midweek show. I just had to put it out as you guys rock! On this show: I get yelled at by the little girl My wife is going to concerts I want to go to Japan Stories: Mass Transit I review GROW The music in this episode is Rotten Apple by [...]
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Thanks for checking out this episode of Barely Podcasting. Today I have to thank MaD daN for his intro! I can't stand pools, I get called out and do calling out myself, NEW SEGMENT: My life in Japan, I review Bucket. Music on this show is Stateside by Black Furies. Contact me at: Web site: [...]
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Welcome back to Barely Podcasting. Thanks for downloading in today's show: 4th of July Morons Balls Attacked I STILL suck at sports I review/recommend Planet Retcon Dot Com Did I lose my bet? Music heard on this episode is Playtime from the band SoulSeeker Contact me: Web Site: E-mail: Voice Mail: (206) 666-2660 [...]
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GROW Podcast made this for me. She said she didn't like my intro/extro as it didn't give a good lead in to my show, not enough umph so to speak. I FULLY agree with her! I got this and I fell in love with it! Here is my new audio clip! Thanks Erika! Now everyone [...]
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Hey everyone, I just got this today, and it is majorly sweet!  Erika from the GROW podcast made this for me.  She said she didn't like my intro/extro as it didn't give a good lead in to my show, not enough umph so to speak.  I FULLY agree with her!  I got this and I fell in love with it!  Here is my new audio clip!  Thanks Erika!  Now everyone check out her show!  It is great!
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Thanks for Downloading, in this episode: My Big Fat Blues/Greek Wedding Cool Wedding Momentos Wall Sniffing I Review For What its Worth I am blind A bet with Wicked Good Thanks Pickle People! Music on this episode is from the band Stole your Woman and the song is The Scene. Find them at the Podsafe [...]
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