Well, I kinda eluded to the fact something big could be happening really soon. Well it came, and made me it's bitch. The company I have been working for the entire time I have done my show, laid me off today. I am glad I am taking this week off, as I need to regroup [...]
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Sorry about the audio quality on this. I was using my laptop microphone and something kept hitting the laptop. This is another feedback episode, but one with a mission. We are going to v-bomb Steve from Steve's Midlife Crisis at (206) 309-7033. Remember to call Steve often at (206) 309-7033. I want him to have [...]
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Ok I have teased about this episode for a few weeks now. It is probably my most anticipated show, as well as the hardest for me to record. BARELY INTRO: Dani from the Truth Seekers What my little girl wants WHAT? Elevator idiots More elevator idiots Dressing room lady What my daughter does for people [...]
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Wow 90 episodes of me. That is weird to think of. Thanks for following my journey thus far. Ok here is what is on the one. BARELY INTRO: Shelly from Shelly's Podcast Trailer Trash It's too cold Yelling at me I am a Browncoat What book? Morons Elevator morons Is that a skirt? Revolving doors [...]
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Well I left Aaron form the Big Show 10 voice mails this week, he decided to get me back. He had his entire audience get me back. The result, 38 voice mails! So this show is entirely voice mails and my responses. BARELY INTRO: Aaron from The Big Show
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A dork, geek, former party guy, and a father telling all about life from his demented perspective.

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