Like last year I participated in the Podcast Pickle's Christmas skit. I hope you like it. BARELY INTRO: For Whatever Reason Podcast Pickle Christmas Skit A wager
Direct download: 095Barely.mp3
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Big week for me, as most of you know, so lets get in to what is on this show. BARELY INTRO: Kilroy 2.0 Little Girl Sings They are ALIVE Car Seat Target Guy My Router It is open What to do during an orientation
Direct download: 094Barely.mp3
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After I recorded episode 93 (god, I have that many under my belt?!) I got a magic phone call. I did say in the episode that I would update the site if I did get this call, and I did. There is an offer on the table. I like it for the most part, have [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 10:24pm CDT

I am back after my week off. Thanks for sticking around. I am back and in to the final stretch for episode 100! BARELY INTRO: Life of Spaguy's Wife MC DORK The Cafe is open? I get rear ended Un-PC observations My daughter's speech Thank you
Direct download: 093Barely.mp3
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Well, I kinda eluded to the fact something big could be happening really soon. Well it came, and made me it's bitch. The company I have been working for the entire time I have done my show, laid me off today. I am glad I am taking this week off, as I need to regroup [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 5:19pm CDT

Sorry about the audio quality on this. I was using my laptop microphone and something kept hitting the laptop. This is another feedback episode, but one with a mission. We are going to v-bomb Steve from Steve's Midlife Crisis at (206) 309-7033. Remember to call Steve often at (206) 309-7033. I want him to have [...]
Direct download: 092Barely.mp3
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Ok I have teased about this episode for a few weeks now. It is probably my most anticipated show, as well as the hardest for me to record. BARELY INTRO: Dani from the Truth Seekers What my little girl wants WHAT? Elevator idiots More elevator idiots Dressing room lady What my daughter does for people [...]
Direct download: 091Barely.mp3
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Wow 90 episodes of me. That is weird to think of. Thanks for following my journey thus far. Ok here is what is on the one. BARELY INTRO: Shelly from Shelly's Podcast Trailer Trash It's too cold Yelling at me I am a Browncoat What book? Morons Elevator morons Is that a skirt? Revolving doors [...]
Direct download: 090Barely.mp3
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Well I left Aaron form the Big Show 10 voice mails this week, he decided to get me back. He had his entire audience get me back. The result, 38 voice mails! So this show is entirely voice mails and my responses. BARELY INTRO: Aaron from The Big Show
Direct download: 089Barely.mp3
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This week was not a good one, and you all get to hear about it. I really hope changes come that are in my favor soon. Anyway here are the shownotes. BARELY INTRO: Dani from the Truth Seekers Bang, the day gets worse The Cop and what he did Little girl's comments Moron #1 Moron [...]
Direct download: 088Barely.mp3
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We are getting closer to the infamous episode 100. I have no clue what that means. It sounded cool. BARELY INTRO: Redboy Podcast I found Hitler's kid Swingset Update Barney Fife works for my PD I get yelled at I am a bad person Karma gets me Why Thanks for downloading
Direct download: 087Barely.mp3
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Back to regularly scheduled shows. BARLEY INTRO: JVonD I am outed I am man enough Bad Handwriting No electrician needed New use for a Blackberry Put my car where GOOSE What do horses wear
Direct download: 086Barely.mp3
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Well this is the PME 07 wrap up. I am not sure how much more to say than that. I have lots of voice mails and more to come next week in a regular show. BARELY INTRO: Steve's Midlife Crisis PME Wrap Up with too many people to even think about linking to them all.
Direct download: 085Barely.mp3
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This is the drunkcast from PME. It has Aaron from the Big Show, Adam Raimer from Madtown Aces, Less from Zaldors World, Shelly from Shelly's Podcast and Matt from the Redboy Podcast. Remember we are ALL drunk, so just be warned.
Direct download: 084Barely.mp3
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Yes, I made it back to Chicago from Ontario. I am also bringing with me many stories from the trip I hope you will enjoy, also why I couldn't blog while I was down there. Tomorrow (Monday 10/1) I will be putting out the next episode which was a drunkcast with many good friends. I [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 9:43pm CDT

This is a pure feedback episode. I also got Barely'd (voice mail bombed from one person). I can't complain at all, as I love all the feedback I get. So thank you all. Now lets get in to the show, which will be my last until PME next week! BARELY INTRO: Corby from The Twisted [...]
Direct download: 083Barely.mp3
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I just wanted to let you all know I will be bringing the shoutbox back. I miss it. I will do it in probably two weeks, as I will be back from the Expo then and if I get nailed with Spam I can actually do something with it.
Category:general -- posted at: 11:46am CDT

Ok I did get episode 82 out this week. It was totally unexpected. Here is the rundown! BARELY INTRO: Pizza Go Here Surveys are back Pie in the face Chat Buffet is back for a day Hanging with the elevators CSI Swingsets BARELY REVIEW: Truth Seekers
Direct download: 082Barely.mp3
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I am sorry, but I have been building a swing set for my daughter all weekend. I am only 1/3 of the way done as well! Man alive is there a lot to be done with it and it sucks! I miss the days of when a swingset would take 2 hours to build, not [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 9:27pm CDT

Well this show is mostly feedback. It was a rather quiet week for show material, but you listeners definately came through and made sure there was a show. I do have some topics though. BARELY INTRO: Buffy Between the Lines Feedback Where don't you shave? Shoes Podcast Peer Awards Ceremony BARELY REVIEW: Atomic Suburbia
Direct download: 081Barely.mp3
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I finally broke the hour barrier in a non-interview show. Wow I can talk alot! We are now on the countdown to Episode 100 and 2 Year anniversary! BARELY INTRO: The Twisted Pickle Work Phones I am not picking my nose Don't call back Work Phone again I mow what? Stripper 8th Grade What? BARELY [...]
Direct download: 080Barely.mp3
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I am back and thanks for sticking with me as I take a week off. I don't like being sick and last weekend I got nailed hard with something. BARELY INTRO: I have no clue I-Pass is stalking me They are brothers and what? Rain rain go away Battle Zone commute Check the date of [...]
Direct download: 079Barely.mp3
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Yes folks it is Sunday afternoon, and I am sicker than a dog. Work tomorrow doesn't look like it will happen and that also means the show hasn't even been recorded. I wish I could, but alas it just isn't going to happen. I will see you all next week.
Category:general -- posted at: 6:57pm CDT

Ok I don't mention the music on my show this week, but it was moving around Twitter. It is Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday. You have to watch the first part of his You Tube "video". Ok on this show: BARELY INTRO: ChitChat Moms What DVD? Don't touch that! In a Tizzy What is that [...]
Direct download: 078Barely.mp3
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I have been debating blogging just as a blog, not shownotes. It would be vastly different from what I do on the show. I guess I am wondering if anyone would be interested in it, or if I am doing too much and would just stretch myself too thin. Eh, I don't know. Just thinking [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 6:46pm CDT

Welcome to episode 77, I have no idea what to say before diving in to the show notes themselves. Enjoy! BARELY INTRO: Life On Tap It is the phone Snarky people Always on my day off I am in a dark mood lately Trains hate me BARELY REVIEW: Heaven by Mur Lafferty
Direct download: 077Barely.mp3
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76. Barely meets Borat – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675 Busy weekend pushes the release out a day. Sorry about that. But the reviews are back! BARELY INTRO: Steve's Midlife Crisis I am the fireman How not to sit She thinks I am thinking something else I am an observant father Where to sit BORAT What you can't take out of Chicago BARELY REVIEW: The [...]
Direct download: 076Barely.mp3
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Back to a regular show with feedback and everything. I hope you all enjoy it! BARELY INTRO: Listener James Moron and his car Who broke the chair? Jet Fighters EVERY YEAR You work where? e-Mail subject lines My Keyboard Rain gods don't like me Listener Kate's links are here. The Blogathon is July 28! Help [...]
Direct download: 075Barely.mp3
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I am back and my desktop PC dies. I am going with what I have at the moment, and the voice mails will have to wait until my PC is back up and running. In the mean time I got this show out. BARELY INTRO: Wicked Good Podcast It is all about the vacation/family reunions.
Direct download: 074Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:54pm CDT

Ok just so you know, when I record, it is on my tower desktop PC. Lately I have been having fan issues. Two days ago, I was trying to do a few things and the computer crashed on me. I heard the Processor is overheating beeps, so I knew I needed a CPU fan soon. [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 3:13pm CDT

Somehow I am such a tech-tard that I can't figure out how to make this a web only download, so I am not doing it that way. I am putting this out as a full show, my longest to day, but it is the full interview with JC Hutchins, author of 7th Son. Since it [...]
Direct download: 072Barely_Web_Only.mp3
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Well this is my back up episode. I have wanted to do an all music show, and here it is. I used to be a DJ in high school and this is the first time I have tried this in 16 years now. I hope you enjoy, and remember all these songs have been played [...]
Direct download: 072Barely.mp3
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As my daughter keeps saying, "We go on cation!" This is my third feedback show, and it is short of the usual shows lately, but I did it mid week, so I hope you won't mind. BARELY INTRO: Kilroy 2.0 was here!
Direct download: 071Barely.mp3
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This is the last episode before my family vacations. But you won't see an interruption. There is no feedback this week, it will ALL be on episode 71. Here is what you will here on this show! BARELY INTRO: JC Hutchins of 7th Son I am a rat It isn't big enough Damn sun I [...]
Direct download: 070Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:38pm CDT

Well, it finally got to me. Several shows have been mentioning the 8 things you don't know about me. Corby from the Twisted Pickle tagged me, so here it goes. 1. Before I moved to Japan, I thought the Chicagoland area was only the city and the northwestern suburbs. It was all I had ever [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 2:52pm CDT

Ok I didn't find the sound clip I wanted, but still 69 DUDE! I am such a dork. Here is the show info. BARELY INTRO: J.C. Hutchins from 7th Son You wear that to work? Temporary Dyslexia The soft talker is back My new award This is cool (Thanks Fifi) Part 3 of 4 of [...]
Direct download: 069Barely.mp3
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Yep, it is Episode 68. Enjoy BARELY INTRO: Podsafe Comedy Countdown I have silly parts It isn't gum Again, I am not a car guy Working at the ball game I am not THAT drunk Part 2 of 4 of my JC Hutchins Interview for 7th Son BARELY REVIEW: Murphy's Saloon
Direct download: 068Barely.mp3
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I so appreciate everyone helping me get to PME. I honestly don't know what to say, but Thanks. Now I want to do something for you all. For anyone who donates $25 I will make a DVD of the following things (if you have already donated, and you want this, just get the total up [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 7:17pm CDT

Today on Twitter there was a thread going around about things done at weddings. Well I mentioned that I had a Lightsaber battle with my wife at the reception. Proof was requested. So here it is. First here is the picture of me and my wife in a nice posed picture Removed to see if [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 6:46pm CDT

I have gotten some messages lately that people couldn't get show before episode 39. I have no clue why that happened, but it did. I was still getting downloads of those shows, so I just said the heck with it and created an Archived Shows Page. While I am trying to keep those shows in [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 8:08am CDT

Back to a regular schedule. Actually I am a day early. Wow! BARELY INTRO: Bucket It is MY desk! It is open? YOU are the Tech person? I am a named storm Part 1 of 4 of my interview with JC Hutchins of the 7th Trilogy/Podcast Remember to vote for me at the Public Radio [...]
Direct download: 067Barely.mp3
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We are at the double 6 episode. Most of this show is about sports and events I got to go to this past week. I hope you enjoy it and the bumpers are special for this week only. BARELY INTRO: Kate from PA You interrupted me for this? "Don't get mad" I wet my pants [...]
Direct download: 066Barely.mp3
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Yeah if the title didn't give it away, the show will be a couple of days late, then back on to my regular schedule. I have lots to talk about including little girl's first trip to a daddy-ball game (White Sox) and also my trip to the Indy 500. You can bet there will be [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 9:04pm CDT

We are now at episode 65. It seems like a big number to me. I am also beginning to work at replenishing my PME fund, but I need help. BARELY INTRO: Bernie's World Business trip money I am coming in TODAY It must have been a crank call I am here longer than expected Air [...]
Direct download: 065Barely.mp3
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Welcome to episode 64. I am in my groove again! I just felt it on this episode. Come on in and feel it! BARELY INTRO: Truth Seekers Playing Possum I am afraid of poop I screw up The Big Show and Cheap Date Don't use that there Where are we? I found what, where? Remember [...]
Direct download: 064Barely.mp3
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Yes, I am begging for votes. I have entered the Public Radio Quest. For you long time listeners, you will recognize the story. It is the Big Guy story from Episode 31 back in September. I redid the recording as I had only 2 minutes of time, so I had to keep it quick. So [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 11:11pm CDT

Well I am in a weird mood and this is what I put out in such a mood. I apologize up front. Also suffering from a major cold, so all the laughs are pre-recorded. BARELY INTRO: Rubberhead Old Shoes Yellow Butt Men are Pigs (or I LOVE SPRING) Things a guy doesn't do over 30 [...]
Direct download: 063Barely.mp3
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First of all let me say congrats to Steve and Maureen of the Wicked Good Podcast on the birth of their first child. I make several references to it during the show, but wanted to start off the notes with it. BARELY INTRO: Wicked Good Podcast My idea gets show down How many?! When to [...]
Direct download: 062Barely.mp3
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Back to the regular style show. Lots of voice mails and I also have a review. I also have an announcement about the reviews. BARELY INTRO: Steve's Midlife Crisis If I can do it, you can to Every two weeks?! Dead Rubber Chicken Go Diego Go - out of my head! Man nipples Lipstick, oh [...]
Direct download: 061Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:14pm CDT

Not your typical show. April 13th was designated by the folks at Love Long and Prosper to be Break Barely's K7 Day (BBK7). I got 137 voice mails and 2 faxes. Everything that you sent in prior will be on episode 61. I promise. This is just the first half hour of BBK7 Day. I [...]

Direct download: 060Barely_Web_Only.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:02pm CDT

Not your typical show. April 13th was designated by the folks at Love Long and Prosper to be Break Barely's K7 Day (BBK7). I got 137 voice mails and 2 faxes. Everything that you sent in prior will be on episode 61. I promise. This is just the first half hour of BBK7 Day. I [...]

Direct download: 060Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:02pm CDT

BARELY INTRO: Round the Twist Seed and Sod To the doctor I go (again) Again, I am not a car guy You canceled why? It is final, no wait.... Break Barely's K7 line is Friday April 13. Call early and often Shows Mentioned: Mostly News/Desperate Husbands Love Long and Prosper Wicked Good Podcast Tucker Tales [...]
Direct download: 059Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:16pm CDT

Welcome back. My last show before my birthday when I can say I am in my mid-30′s. I am growing older each year. I tried to keep the show under 50 minutes, but it just didn't work out. Enjoy and please remember the feedback! BARELY INTRO: ChitChat Moms Avoiding Rush Hour Where to pee A [...]
Direct download: 058Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:30pm CDT

This is the shortest show in a long time! While it is short, I hope you enjoy. BARELY INTRO: Rusty's Rants I am #2 Kool-aid single packs Farse of the Penguins I have a new nickname Holy Crap! Incidental flash BARELY REVIEW: I need help!!!
Direct download: 057Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:29pm CDT

This is one of my shortest shows in a long time! Also I will be bringing back the Japan stories next week. Enjoy the show! BARELY INTRO: JVonD Little girl is a food critic I have to wait to hear it I didn't plan that day Perfume lady is back St. Patty's day Rush game [...]
Direct download: 056Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:41pm CDT

BARELY INTRO: The Redboy Podcast Featuring Absolute Amy Getting chewed out again Dead Phone No suprise Healthcare scares me now PU! What was the question BARELY REVIEW: Let's Get Naughty BARELY FEEDBACKERS: Steve's Midlife Crisis Joe from Dallas Redboy
Direct download: 055Barely_Re-edit.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:22pm CDT

Hey everyone, thanks for downloading this episode. I am not drunk today. I swear. BARELY INTRO: Let's Get Naughty I do something mechanical! Wife finds a funny word I did what?! Air Traffic Where's the party? BARELY REVIEW: The Poddog Show Shows Mentioned/Feedbackers: Gabber Jaw Marblecast Kate from PA Steve's Mid-Life Crisis Love Long and [...]
Direct download: 054Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:21pm CDT

Well it took me 53 episodes to do a drunk show. It got so bad, I had to record the end again sober because I just babbled on and on. Also this show is short enough that I have several minutes of bloopers at the end from the past few weeks. BARELY INTRO: Me and [...]

Direct download: 053Barely_Re-edit.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:21pm CDT

Yep, I am bored.  Nothing to do tonight, as I should be going to bed soon.  But nothing is going on tonight.  Skype is relatively quiet, Second Life is too quiet and there is nothing on TV.  I am so bored I could cry.  I need to find something to do on nights like this, [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 9:59pm CDT

Thanks for coming back after my week off. On today's show: Barely Intro: Corby from The Twisted Pickle New signs Sounds from the bathroom Don't piss me off! It is due tomorrow! Chicago's Blizzard! I am stuck! I am in trouble again! Feedbackers: The Divacast Mostly News Life on Tap LiveTalkin Steve's Midlife Crisis The [...]
Direct download: 052Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:39pm CDT

Yeah, I feel very under the weather.  I wanted to record today, but I just don't think it will happen.  I might get a show out mid-week, but then again, I might just take this week off. I have given myself I think two or three weeks I can take off all year so I [...]
Category:general -- posted at: 2:26pm CDT

Well it has been a year since I started this project, and we are going strong! BARELY INTRO: Bucket Coming out of the closet Meeting sports star Keeping track of time Daycare's new payment structure Da Bears BARELY IN JAPAN: Super Bowl 20 BARELY NEWS BARELY REVIEW: Dinkycast Shows Mentioned: Public Nuisance Radio The Twisted [...]
Direct download: 051Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:49pm CDT

Welcome back everyone. This is my longest episode yet. I had to exit a lot (including one segment moved to #51) so I could keep it under the hour barrier by 3 seconds. Enjoy the show! BARELY INTRO: Podsafe Comedy Countdown GoDaddy Sponsorship Am I in the right potty? Little girl names body parts "5 [...]
Direct download: 050Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:15pm CDT

Welcome to Episode 49. I am getting it out late on Sunday as I was watching football all week. Bears fans will recognize the music. Two weeks until Da Bears play again! Ok on to the show notes. BARELY INTRO: Marblecast Pennies at the mall I am tired It is my desk I want that [...]
Direct download: 049Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:11pm CDT

Well nothing about this show is about winning, but DA BEARS WON their playoff game today, so I had to entitle the show WINNING!!! (Thanks Andrea from OoO and LGN). INTRO: A Moment in Reason Stupid career move Flatulence If you aren't there WHO CARES!!!! Hat CSI Cable guy again! Little Girl what? Where? Urlacher [...]
Direct download: 048Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:05pm CDT

You all have been so cool, that I had to do another feedback episode. I hope you enjoy me talking back to YOU! Intro: Jake from Just Not Right Feedbackers: Joe from Dallas The Wicked Good Podcast The Burton Report The Redboy Podcast Desperate Husbands Swingercast Life on Tap Chit Chat Moms Steve's Midlife Crisis [...]
Direct download: 047Barely.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:17pm CDT

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