Welcome to the Barely Podcasting Podcast. Well it is episode 10. first of the double digits. Moving a piano (I am still asking WHY ME?!) What kind of sports car are you? Happy B-Day Barely Sister (it is 3/31). Lunch Boobs! Why can't I see? I was reviewed, does anyone like the host? Frappr updates [...]
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I found this web site (my wife sent it to me). Here is what kind of car I am! God I love it! What kind of car are you? Find out here and let me know. C'mone I made you do this excersize, the lease you can do is let me know. I'm a Chevrolet [...]
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I was busted. It was all my fault as well. No more ninja castinging for me. I am now out in the open. Gas erupting form my car. Please don't slap me for being FRESH! Doctor Who gets me in trouble. Naked little girl chearing on white C*cks! Check out my web site: http://barelypodcasting.blogspot.com E-mail [...]
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Wow what a week. Computer goes down. Cell phone won't work. Doctor calls in sick (and doesn't tell me until I get there). Leaving work early twice. Little girl antics. Thanks for downloading and listening. Check out the site:barelypodcasting.blogspot.com E-Mail me at:barely.podcasting@gmail.com Add yourself to my Frappr Map, I really want to know where you [...]
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This is the trailer for Chat Buffet

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Welcome back for episode 7. Today I go on a trip of a week and bring you with me. Starting with a dead car battery. Playing tag with another show? Gas Station Morons. Booze at work. My Frappr has gone international!!! Please forgive me for some of the background noise on this show. I promise [...]
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6. Barely Stalking – Voice Mail (206) 984-3675 Today is all about dirty faces, crapping while peeing, I am stalking another show, education is asking me questions and more!
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A dork, geek, former party guy, and a father telling all about life from his demented perspective.

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