We are at the double 6 episode. Most of this show is about sports and events I got to go to this past week. I hope you enjoy it and the bumpers are special for this week only. BARELY INTRO: Kate from PA You interrupted me for this? "Don't get mad" I wet my pants [...]
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Yeah if the title didn't give it away, the show will be a couple of days late, then back on to my regular schedule. I have lots to talk about including little girl's first trip to a daddy-ball game (White Sox) and also my trip to the Indy 500. You can bet there will be [...]
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We are now at episode 65. It seems like a big number to me. I am also beginning to work at replenishing my PME fund, but I need help. BARELY INTRO: Bernie's World Business trip money I am coming in TODAY It must have been a crank call I am here longer than expected Air [...]
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Welcome to episode 64. I am in my groove again! I just felt it on this episode. Come on in and feel it! BARELY INTRO: Truth Seekers Playing Possum I am afraid of poop I screw up The Big Show and Cheap Date Don't use that there Where are we? I found what, where? Remember [...]
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Yes, I am begging for votes. I have entered the Public Radio Quest. For you long time listeners, you will recognize the story. It is the Big Guy story from Episode 31 back in September. I redid the recording as I had only 2 minutes of time, so I had to keep it quick. So [...]
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Well I am in a weird mood and this is what I put out in such a mood. I apologize up front. Also suffering from a major cold, so all the laughs are pre-recorded. BARELY INTRO: Rubberhead Old Shoes Yellow Butt Men are Pigs (or I LOVE SPRING) Things a guy doesn't do over 30 [...]
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