Sorry folks, the week was busy and unproductive.  I have about 15 minutes recorded and the music picked out, but that is pretty much it.  I haven't even listened to what I recorded and it might just be total crap (I was heavily medicated at the time).  I will try and get something out this [...]
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This episode had been deleted some time ago, but can come back now.  It will be as much of a surprise to you as it is to me!

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Ok I am not sure why this is happening, but the downloads are acting up. I tried to download the show last night, and only got 1:43 of it. Today at work I downloaded it and it took 3 restarts to get it all. Then I tried again at home and the same issue. I [...]
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Ok I am officially old now. I have 40 shows under my belt. Here is what you will find on today's show: INTRO: Bernie From Bernie's World Burning Truck Voting Elevator Manners Is he dead? Bathrooms again I'm an alcololic What was that in the freezer? BARELY IN JAPAN: Yakuza BARELY NEWS: ZUNE And Farewell [...]

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Episode 39! We are getting older! On today's show: Intro: The Wicked Good Podcast Traffic Bathrooms $110 for gas Don't throw it away I AM NOT SLEEPING! I am a Dumbass NEW SEGMENT: BARELY PODCASTING NEWS BARELY IN JAPAN: Baseball BARELY REVIEW: Steve's Midlife Crisis Shows and sites mentioned 7th Son Nate and Di [...]
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A dork, geek, former party guy, and a father telling all about life from his demented perspective.

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