Just a quick show to say Merry Christmas. I hope you all enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Episode 133 is out! I wasn't hacked this time. BARELY INTRO: Matt and Amy from the Redboy Podcast Falling down I'm getting old 1 V I'm getting old 2 Dork Fail! Thanks for downloading Important links Website: BarelyPodcasting.com eMail: Barely@BarelyPodcasting.com Voicemail: (206) 984-3675
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>>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] source login information: ENCRYPTED > message begins the post you are now reading is designed to dull your senses to THE TRUTH. do not live the life of the worker bee, the cog, the well-oiled piston in the MACHINE OF DECEIT! there [...]
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Barely Podcasting has been hijacked my Kilroy 2.0! Learn more at http://jchutchins.net
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Barely Podcasting 131 is in the wild! I will have another episode coming out next week, and this is me getting on the twice a month schedule again. BARELY INTRO: JC Hutchins of 7th Son (Print Release October 27, 2009, go buy many copies) Fishing Fish in a barrel In the line Cruises A note [...]
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I am back after an unexpected delay. Things are good and I am here with episode 130! BARELY INTRO: My Daughter Learning lessons Breast Feeding Nice classroom Lying and telling the truth What shirt Thanks for downloading and I will see you soon. Email: Barely@BarelyPodcasting.com Web: BarelyPodcasting.com Voice Mail: (206) 984-3675
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I am going good with the bi-weekly schedule. I hope to keep it up, but I do see potential stumbling blocks ahead. Enjoy this week's show! BARELY INTRO: Aaron form the Big Show Locked out Fear me You aren't funny Passwords Shirts For Sale Thanks for downloading, remember to check out the site at: Barelypodcasting.com
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Yes I am back and snap, crackle and pop free (I hope)! I should be back on my every other week schedule here shortly and lots of things going on that I can't wait to tell you all about. But first: BARELY INTRO: Life of Spaguy's Wife Tech Support tattoo The Buffer Bridge SHUT UP [...]
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Back from my trip to PodCamp Ohio, things kept falling in my lap for the show. It was a good time, and now I am here to give you the break down as to what happened. BARELY INTRO: The Life of Spaguy's Wife He's CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY Bad Mac Haunted Room I am a model Where are [...]
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Hey everyone, I have a shorter show today, but I hope you like it. I even tried recording while on ustream. Not too bad. I might do that again in the future. BARELY INTRO: Shelly from Shelly's Podcast Crash Change Indecent Exposure DORKS GONE WILD Thanks again for listening. The music I TRIED to play [...]
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No I am not podfading (I am saying that a lot lately). I ma back with my own episode here for episode 125. Lots of calls and a few stories. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for downloading! BARELY INTRO: The Life of Spaguy's Wife We are getting lazy The uncomfortable dad/date conversation, is [...]
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124. Barely Doing Windows - Voice Mail (206) 984-3675 BARELY INTRO: Dale and Julie from Badgercast How did our podcast get Highjacked? We welcome Barely, from the Barley Podcasting Podcast, to the show. Somewhere Dale lost control of the show. Some of the topics: * Barely Does Windows. * Julie records the out takes. * [...]
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I did it! I am on time!! Well I kept this one under 30 minutes. I hope you like it! BARELY INTRO: Random from Sturgeon's Law What you should bring to class Don't stop the phone This isn't you Hall of Fame Pictures BARELY REVIEW: Geek Acres Thanks for listening
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Ok I admit it. I screwed up and didn't get a show out two weeks ago. It was my mixer's fault! I SWEAR!!!! Anyway, I did get a show out today, after figuring out my tech issues. Enjoy! BARELY INTRO: JC Hutchins of 7th Son and Personal Effects: Dark Art You haven't had what? It [...]
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I know I said that I was going to try and do two episodes a month. That was a month ago, and no episodes since. I have been working on some tech issues. It turns out my mixers is kind of fried. Well not kinda, it is really fried. I just realized it after many [...]
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Welcome to 2009, the Year of Barely. I have enjoyed my time off but it is time for me to come back to my love of Podcasting. Here is the show BARELY INTRO: Life of Spa Guys Wife Merry Christmas Bathroom Backup Weird Lady on the Plane Noise and why I can't see Poo juice [...]
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About 5 weeks ago I put out a post stating why I wasn't looking forward to the holiday season. I figured I should give an update to that. What I figured would happened didn't. Yes I did have my moments of loneliness. I think that was to be expected, namely when I was around couples [...]
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