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The Barely Podcasting Podcast

Dec 31, 2006

No Feedback today (I got a lot, so episode 47 is another feedback show). I hope you all have a happy and save New Year! BARELY INTRO: MaD DaN Malls, and why I hate shopping BACK UP! Red Rider BB Gun No Blow Jobs for me College Football Bowls Pool Don't look at that! Reindeer [...]

Dec 26, 2006

This is something I was a part of. It is a podcasting version of the Christmas classic "Twas the Night Before Christmas" but is now "The Update Before Christmas." I have two lines, but all the other shows that participated in this are linked here as well. Next week I will have my regular show, [...]

Dec 17, 2006

This is my shortest show in a while! Under 40 minutes! WOW! INTRO: Random from Sturgeon's Law Elevator Rage Small things make my day Little girl's new song I create new words! BARELY REVIEW: Desperate Husbands Shows Mentioned: The Burton Report The Wicked Good Podcast Life on Tap Steve's Midlife Crisis Dinkycast The...

Dec 12, 2006

Ok this is my longest episode to date. I swear I am not trying to make them long, they just are lately INTRO: Steve's Midlife Crisis Surgery Recap Ice is everywhere That was a stop sign You work in finance? Religious ineqality The Cats hate me BARELY REVIEW: The One Minute How-To NEW SEGMENT: USDA [...]