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The Barely Podcasting Podcast

Oct 30, 2006

This is episode 38. Lots of Potty in this one Also a few F-Bombs in the beginning Sorry. Intro by Bucket "Do Me" Boots Lots of Potty segments here I am not Tech support It's wasn't Porn!!! I wasn't dropping a hint Where's my money!? BARELY IN JAPAN: Vending Machines BARELY REVIEW: The Rookie Shows [...]

Oct 23, 2006

Welcome to episode 37. Wow I am getting a lot of shows in here. Enjoy! Intro: MaD daN Being Surprised Give me gifts Where are the birthday cards? Wife and TiVO MySpace hates me Barely Garage (RIP) BARELY IN JAPAN: Concussion BARELY REVIEW: Smart Bomb Radio Shows Mentioned: Plus Drew Closet Geek Show My Odeo [...]

Oct 16, 2006

I hope this makes it out. Been having computer problems on my end. Here is what I got! INTRO: Round the Twist Illinois' new squad car My butt itches IT Dept and Notes Telemarketing radio stations I look genius YouTube addict Guy taking pictures Thanks MIL BARELY IN JAPAN: Mom's Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer [...]

Oct 9, 2006

Episode 35 folks! Sorry about the occasional cough. I can't laugh much either which really made recording hard (I wanted to laugh a lot). Ok here are the show notes. Intro by Let's Get Naughty "Save my poop" It's Shocking! Severe weather report I am being invaded! Work fashions What? Where? BARELY IN JAPAN: Business [...]

Oct 2, 2006

Hey we are back from all feedback, and this is a long episode! Ok I wasn't at PME, but I have PME comments hahaha. Thanks for the calls! Ok on today's show: Alarmclocks and Blackouts Not a team player I miss the warewolf Drivers Booger Snap BARELY IN JAPAN: McDonalds Wife and driving directions BARELY [...]